Congratulations, you filthy pirates — you made The Wolf of Wall Street the most pirated movie of the year, and Game of Thrones the most pirated TV show.

Star Leonardo DiCaprio and director Martin Scorsese may have missed out on Oscars for their work on The Wolf of Wall Street, but this is the prize they really wanted, right?

The Wolf of Wall Street racked up 30.035 million illegal downloads, according to piracy tracking firm Excipio. Disney’s Frozen was a close second with 29.919 million, and Robocop came third with 29.879 million — which seems awfully high, until you realise that Excipio’s tracking methods can’t differentiate between the 2014 Robocop remake and the beloved 1987 original.

Meanwhile, TorrentFreak’s list of the most pirated TV shows saw Game of Thrones come out on top (again), claiming the highly dubious honour of being the show that the most people steal for the third consecutive year. It smashed the field, clocking up 8.1 million illegal downloads — that’s more than the 7.2 million people who actually watch it legally in the US. The Walking Dead came in a distant second with 4.8 million downloads.

The 20 most pirated films of 2014

  1. The Wolf of Wall Street (30.035 million)
  2. Frozen (29.919 million)
  3. RoboCop (29.879 million)
  4. Gravity (29.357 million)
  5. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (27.627 million)
  6. Thor: The Dark World (25.749 million)
  7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier (25.628 million)
  8. The Legend of Hercules (25.137 million)
  9. X-Men: Days of Future Past (24.380 million)
  10. 12 Years a Slave (23.653 million)
  11. The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (23.543 million)
  12. American Hustle (23.143 million)
  13. 300: Rise of an Empire (23.096 million)
  14. Transformers: Age of Extinction (21.65 million)
  15. Godzilla (20.956 million)
  16. Noah (20.334 million)
  17. Divergent (20.312 million)
  18. Edge of Tomorrow (20.299 million)
  19. Captain Phillips (19.817 million)
  20. Lone Survivor (19.130 million)

The 10 most pirated TV shows of 2014

  1. Game of Thrones (8.1 million)
  2. The Walking Dead (4.8 million)
  3. The Big Bang Theory (3.9 million)
  4. How I Met Your Mother (3.5 million)
  5. Gotham (3.2 million)
  6. Arrow (2.9 million)
  7. Grey’s Anatomy (2.8 million)
  8. Vikings (2.7 million)
  9. Suits (2.5 million)
  10. South Park (2.4 million)

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