Don’t know what to get the gamer who has it all? We’ve got the top five gifts for tech-lovers – be prepared for geeky gushing on Christmas morning.

1. Virtual video display glasses

The future is here. Video glasses are like a personal 50″ screen allowing you to watch movies and television shows wherever you are. Zetronix z230VG glasses (RRP$159.99) can connect to video game systems, smartphones, DVD players and much more.LED water speakers

2. Speakers with pizzazz

Just like your own personal Bellagio Fountain, LED light-up speakers put the party into your play list with multi-coloured streams of water that dance along to the rhythm and pitch of the music. Available from Kogan for RRP$22.

3. Drawings come to life

3Doodler (RRP$145) is the world’s first and only 3D Printing Pen. Compact, easy to use, and requiring no software or computers, the user simply plugs it into a power socket and starts drawing in the air or on surfaces to create 3D ‘pictures’ from hot plastic. It’s an easy way to personalise iPhone cases, make jewellery, pendants or ornaments, art or magnets and whatever else you can come up with.

The Ollie Sphero4. Ollie Sphero comes to Australia

Who doesn’t want an app-controlled robot rolling around their home? Orbotix launched the new version of popular robot toy Sphero in Australia earlier this year, available through the Apple store for RRP$149.95, and the newer version is faster (six metres per second) and has a new focus on doing tricks. Perfect for geek friends or pet owners who like to tease their cat.

5. Pebble Watch

If Inspector Gadget was your hero, then the Pebble Watch is a must-have accessory. Connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth, Pebble displays email, text, calls and app alerts on your wrist so you can leave your phone in your pocket in meetings, at social events or on the go. It also functions as a fitness tracker and can control iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more. Available from Dick Smith electronics for RRP$129.

What did you get for the tech geek in your life? Share your gift ideas in the comments below!