Brisbane shows it is no stranger to hosting city-altering events writes Premier Campbell Newman.

With the G20 behind us, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on how positive it was for Brisbane both during the event and how it will benefit the city into the future.

Brisbane is no stranger to city-altering events. World Expo 88 transformed the city, the 2011 floods saw us come together as a community, and now the G20 summit has seen Brisbane and Queensland perform at the highest level on the world stage. Hosting the G20 was always going to present major challenges, including logistics, security, cooperation between three tiers of government, and working with the business community. I am proud to say that we more than met those challenges.

This success could not have happened without the hard work of so many people:

The Queensland Police Service has been working for the past two years to plan and deliver the G20 summit, the largest security operation this country has ever seen. I thank each and every officer, including those from interstate and overseas, for their efforts.

Lawful protestors: I would also like to thank those in the community who used their democratic right to protest; many did so peacefully and without any damage to

Volunteers: thank you to the 500 volunteers who gave up their time, undertook training and worked long hours. All of you worked incredibly hard to make sure our
international visitors enjoyed their time in Queensland.

The G20 Cultural Celebrations were also an overwhelming success. It was 24 days and nights of free entertainment for the people of Brisbane and our
international guests. Recently we announced that due to overwhelming demand by the people of Queensland, the Brisbane sign at the South Bank cultural forecourt is here to stay. We are also looking at making Colour Me Brisbane a regular feature of our city skyline.

Finally, I would like to thank the people of Brisbane and Queensland. They came into the city and embraced the atmosphere of the G20, and warmly welcomed our international guests. As the ‘capital of the world’ for the duration of the G20, Brisbane received unparalleled international exposure. Rest assured we will work diligently to secure the trade, investment and tourism legacy of the G20 to grow the next waves of jobs and prosperity for Queenslanders.

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