A master of construction, entertainment guru and double-trouble lawyer/pharmacist are Brisbane’s newest crime fighting trio, rescuing the city from monotony with one epic social event at a time.

Meet JTM (Just Three Mates or Justin Kong, Trent Jones and Mitch McIlwain), the super-social geniuses behind The Winter Social and Sunset Affair — two annual events that are fast-gaining a stellar reputation in Brisbane’s social scene (for those of you living under a rock).

Trent Jones explains how this crazy concoction works. “We’ve got Justin with his ties to Disco Entertainment, he’s got that whole crowd. Then there’s Mitch with the construction side of things, and I’m focussing on the young corporates and different associations and committees.”

With a fair bit of travel and partying under their belts, these three Brissy blokes recognised a major shift in Brisbane’s social landscape, and came to the conclusion that over-hyped Uni balls and expensive nights out on the town just weren’t going to cut it any more.

“Everyone loves these organised events that you can do for cheap,” Trent explains, “but we wanted to push it to a bigger and better level in regards to offering drinks and different and unique interactions.”

Brisbane’s two degrees of separation need not be a concern any more, as the boys maintain a heavy focus on mixing different social circles at their events. “It’s like a networking event without the constraints of being at a work event; where you can still have fun, where you still get to see people from all different professions and different age groups,” Trent says.

“Each year we’re trying to add in a different element to make them bigger and to attract a lot of new and different people outside our circles. So it attracts everyone from every walk of life.”

In the past we have all marvelled at the swanky, lush, VIP events in glossy magazines and on our TVs, but for some reason just accepted that these were exclusive to places like London and New York City. It’s from these events, however, that JTM drew inspiration.

“I had been up in New York, Mitchy and Justin had been in London and we had attended these sort of “Secret Society” style events and what not, and they just blew any event that I’d ever been to or even organised completely out of the water.”

And boy, have these guys delivered on their promise to bring the fun to Brisbane, with events featuring “everything from flame breathers and acrobats to exotic animals and caricaturists”. This year’s Sunset Affair, hosted at Soleil in South Brisbane, will even feature synchronised swimmers.

The Winter Social, held in June this year, was an uber-glamorous cocktail event held at dusk at the spectacular setting of Riverlife on the banks of the Brisbane River overlooking the city. A series of cocktail bars provided non-stop flowing speciality drinks including Mojitos and Espresso Martinis. The After Party was also taken care of with complimentary buses coordinated perfectly (which, as most of you party people are well aware, is totally unheard of).

Sunset Affair (coming up this December) also promises to deliver as one of the top events of 2014. Having personally attended both of these events in the past, I can vouch every bit for their excellence. The boys also assure me as well that there more events in the pipeline, so watch this space.

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