The CityCat and Ferry terminals are being upgraded – all part of keeping Brisbane an accessible and connected city, writes Lord Mayor Graham Quirk.

Over the coming months residents will see many changes on the Brisbane River and the presence of many large barges and cranes, as several CityCat and Ferry terminals are upgraded.

Recently I inspected work on the brand new Milton CityCat Terminal, which I’m pleased to report will open in December.

Those who regularly use CityCats may have observed barges travelling down the Brisbane River recently, floating the Milton CityCat Terminal pier. The Milton Pier has now been lifted into place, marking a major milestone in the construction of the terminal.

Milton CityCat Terminal will feature a dual-berth pontoon, anchored to the riverbed by steel piles and has been designed be flood resilient. Once complete, the terminal will service 118 CityCat stops each day and we expect to see up to 200,000 passengers use it in the first year alone.

The impressive 11-metre high, 31 tonne pier structure already has ramps, stairs and the terminal bridge installed.

Works are also well underway for the Bulimba Terminal, which will also be a dual-berth pontoon, allowing for increased numbers of CityCats and Ferries to berth. I look forward to re-opening Bulimba in coming months.

Approximately 8000 people a week access the Bulimba terminal – making it Brisbane’s busiest suburban ferry terminal. Once re-opened, the Bulimba Terminal will also feature increased drop-off and pick-up zones for commuters.

The terminal will also feature a state of the art gangway designed to maintain intermediate level landings even as the river rises and falls, ensuring people with mobility difficulties can safely and comfortably access the pontoon at all times.

Council is committed to delivering long-term travel solutions for Brisbane residents and these terminal upgrades will cater for the increasing number of passengers using the CityCat and Ferry network over the next 50 years.

These are just two of the 11 terminals being constructed in the next 12 months as part of Council’s commitment to make Brisbane an accessible, connected city with a range of sustainable transport solutions.

For more information about Council’s CityCat and Ferry Terminal upgrade projects, click here or telephone 3403 8888.