This is how to secure all your personal files and digital assets in one secure location.

It’s one of the most important things you will ever do, but very few of us actually take the time to do it.

Nobody likes to talk about death, or the horrible thought that we or the ones we love won’t be around one day, but the sad truth is that it’s a reality we all have to face. The good news, however, is that there is a way to make this sad situation just a little bit easier.

Your Digital File, a system that allows us to store our digital documents and passwords safely for our loved ones, began when founder Jamie Wilson faced both the heartache of losing his father and the added stress of not being able to locate his important documents.

“I know this too well. The sudden death of my father sparked a search for his important documents. During a time of grief, it was not easy to pull together such crucial information,” he says. “That’s why I set up Your Digital File — a product that enables people to store their documents and digital assets with unmatched security and with an audit trail that ensures the integrity of the information. And it can cost as little as $1 a month.

“Too often, loved ones don’t know about policies taken out by a person who has died or become incapacitated. They may not know about superannuation accounts and they probably won’t know passwords or don’t have permission to access crucial documents.

“Your Digital File makes this process simple while also providing unmatched security and a full audit trail that preserves the integrity of documents.”

Wilson’s endeavour has now expanded to become a company that not only preserves people’s digital presence and gives their loved ones piece of mind, it’s also become an ardent supporter of charities such as Cancer Council Australia.Your Digital File is the headline sponsor of this year’s Emeralds and Ivy Ball in Sydney, an annual black tie gala event hosted by Ronan Keating with a star-studded guest list of entertainers and supporters of the council. The evening includes a live and silent auction, a spectacular dinner and performances by some of the hottest acts in town — including Ronan.

Your Digital File is also giving two of our readers the chance to win one of two Grand Getaways to the Emeralds and Ivy Ball in Sydney, including ball tickets, two return economy airfares to Sydney and accommodation in a 4 star hotel!

How it works and what it does

  • Your Digital File gives all your confidential documents an extra layer of security called Cryptoloc. Cryptoloc is an advanced two-stage encryption technology that uses a unique combination of state-of-the-art Cryptography algorithms. It ensures your important documents are secured and only accessible to others with your explicit permission.
  • Eliminate identify fraud. Digital signatures are based on 100-point proof of identity. No one can sign, or even access your documents, without their identity being verified.
  • Share with confidence. Choose who can access your documents and what level of access they have. You control whether they can update and sign documents, or give them view only access.
  • No change goes unseen. A complete audit trail records every time someone adds, updates, views or signs your documents. You are automatically notified to ensure changes don’t go unnoticed.
  • Auto-share if something happens to you. Automatically give certain people access to nominated documents if you die or you’re permanently disabled. Thanks to world-leading security, there’s no risk of your documents being edited before reaching your estate executor.

Follow these four steps to ensure peace of mind

  • Upload your personal files and digital assets to Your Digital File. These may include life insurance policies, superannuation accounts, bank account details including the location of the branch in which the account was established, passwords for online accounts and photos.
  • Verify your identity via a 100-point identity check. This is performed in conjunction with Australia Post or a Justice of the Peace.
  • Select people (Nominees) to access your files and digital assets.
  • Confirm your Trigger Event. This may be death, incapacity or liquidation. Nominees are notified of their nomination and the associated Trigger Event via their Account Inbox when they next sign in. Access to your files is only granted after that event and after Your Digital File has received verification that may include a death certificate or Power of Attorney proof.

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