Government, business and community will need to work together to deliver the outcomes Queenslanders want, writes Premier Campbell Newman.

Queensland has always been a great place to work and live. Time and again we have come together to turn opportunity into success, adversity into hope and individuals have bonded as a community.

There is no other place quite like Queensland. To make sure Queensland remains a great state for future generations we need to build on our strengths and take hold of every opportunity.

The Queensland Plan is designed to do just that. It is our state’s 30-year vision, a roadmap for future growth and prosperity while preserving our fantastic quality of life.

Since we started consulting in 2013, more than 80,000 Queenslanders have shared their vision. This has been the largest engagement activity of its kind ever undertaken in Queensland. I thank everyone who took part. Your passion, enthusiasm and ideas have helped to give The Queensland Plan a grassroots focus.

You identified nine foundations on which to build our future: Education, Community, Regions, Economy, Health and Wellbeing, Environment, People, Infrastructure and Governance.

The challenges ahead require us to be flexible and innovative so our state will be well planned with the right infrastructure in the right places to support a growing population.

Now the hard work begins to make the vision of Queenslanders become a reality. All levels of government, business, industry and community organisations will need to work together to deliver the outcomes Queenslanders want.

Some actions are already underway such as the Education Accord summit happening in September, while others will require more community discussion about how to achieve the goals.

I encourage everyone to consider what you can do to put the vision into practice. Success lies in the hands of every Queenslander, so that in 30 years Queensland will be home to even more vibrant and prosperous communities.

Only with a strong, unified plan will we have the schools our children deserve, the hospitals we need and the infrastructure we want.

You can access, contribute and share the Queensland Plan at