Take a peek inside the most opulent homes Brisbane has to offer.

Queensland’s residential property market has enjoyed steady growth recently amid increasing buyer confidence, according to the Real Estate Institute of Queensland.

REIQ CEO Anton Kardash said the results showed Queensland’s real estate market was firmly in recovery mode.

“Median prices are on the rise and properties are selling quicker throughout Queensland, as buyers take advantage of more favourable market conditions,” Mr Kardash said.“We’re seeing sustainable growth without any rapid price swings, which is the sign of a healthy market.”

For the full year from last March, Brisbane’s median house price increased 5.9 per cent, on the back of increased sales activity over the period.

We’ve rounded up a selection of Brisbane’s most expensive homes for you to marvel at. From indoor pools, riverside summer houses and multi-bedroom marvels here’s your chance to wander through our city’s most prestigious properties.

Best of all, all these homes are currently for sale, which is bad news for your bank account. Click through the gallery and check out these dream homes.

Photos courtesy of www.realestate.com