It was signed off by cabinet yesterday, but we’ll have to wait until tonight to see what the 2014 Queensland budget has in store for us. Here’s a taste of what we can expect.

No cuts promised

Treasurer Tim Nicholls has stated that there will be no cuts to services, nor will there be any new taxes, fees or charges. However, the budget is still expected to show the full cost of federal reductions.

The big issues

Mr Newman has stated that the state’s budget will address healthcare, transport, law and order and child protection.

A promised return to surplus

Mr Nicholls is still promising a return to surplus in 2015/16 as planned, despite the projected deficit quadrupling to $2.27 billion from six months ago. There had been a $600 million write-down in coal royalties, and Queensland is also waiting to be reimbursed a billion from the federal government for recovery work after cyclones Yasi, Oswald and Ita.

No assets sold until after the election

The Queensland Government says there are tough choices to be made, with plans to sell or lease some of the state’s assets to reduce debt. However, Mr Newman says nothing will happen before an election.

Attention to seniors’ needs

The federal government has wound back the amount of money it provides Queensland for items such as seniors’ concessions by about $50 million.Queenslanders will be waiting to see how the budget addresses this.

What would you like to see announced in tonight’s budget?