This Spaniard has ridden into Brisbane like a bucking bull and has the food community enthused with his fiery passion for authentic regional food.

Miguel Maestre will be hosting the Regional Flavours event in Brisbane this July at Southbank Parklands.

Co-hosting channel TEN’s the Living Room as a celebrity chef; Miguel is a huge name in the food industry.

Cooking alongside international chefs like Gary Mehigan and Manu Fieldal across the globe, he has also trekked through North Queensland tasting the organic foods that have inspired his passion for real produce.

“I love the tropics and how unique this place is, all the cities in Australia are so different,” Miguel said.

“My passion influences me in every aspect of my life. I’m a very colourful person, extremely easy going and I have a very strong Spanish personality.”

Miguel is one of the few people you meet whose character and passion for food is infectious, to the point where bmag had to get a few cooking tips from him.

When cooking, Miguel says that it should be natural — from the produce to your style, he feels that cooking should be an enjoyable experience.

“Keep it simple. Eat with family and friends. Sharing is important and good food is enjoyed in company. Every house is like another restaurant’s kitchen — don’t try to copy recipes, but rather put your own twist into the food.”

If there’s one other key tip Miguel stresses, it’s that buying ‘real food’ is not only organic and healthy, but will support the regional trade.

As he says: “Everything we eat is everything we are!”

When I corner Miguel into choosing a favourite dish, his sweet tooth is exposed, his eyes widening as he answers: Churros con chocolate.

Regional Flavours takes place at South Bank Parklands on Saturday 19 July and Sunday July 20. For more info, head to