The Ten Tenors dropped into the bmag office to tell us everything about their international tour and new Brisbane show.

The larrikin lads with the heavenly voices are back in town, following a whirlwind international tour.

While they are happy to be back on Australian soil, the Ten Tenors certainly have some cheeky tales to tell following a tour across the USA which saw them play more than 50 live shows while premiering The Ten Tenors on Broadway. The show includes well loved classics from shows such as Oklahoma,Jersey Boys, West Side Story, Miss Saigon, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and The Wizard of Oz and the good news for Broadway fans is the boys are set to perfom live in Brisbane.

The Ten Tenors will take to the QPAC stage in June and for those who can’t keep the show tunes bottled up inside until then, you’ll be happy to know their new CD went on sale today. The tenors dropped by the bmag office to sing a few tunes and share stories from their tour and members Scott Muller and Jared Newall said the musicians will always think of Brisbane as home and can’t wait to launch their new show.

“We think of Brisbane as the spiritual home of the tenors,” says Newall. “It was formed here, we rehearse here and we perfom here probably more than any other place in the country. It’s home for us and it’s always an amazing homecoming to do shows here at QPAC. It’s no exaggeration, we’re proud to be home.”

 “The CD has songs from the show on it, just some Broadway hits our fans can have as a little memento,” says Muller.

Traveling and performing together for months on end hasn’t ended the ongoing bromance between the the singers and according to Muller and Newall its brought them even closer together.

“It was crazy touring through the United States for months.We were right in the middle of this whole polar vortex, you know the global warming nightmare, which was not very warm .We hit 37 states living on a tour bus for four months straight launching of the new show,” Newall says. “We took it overseas first but now we get to bring it back for an Aussie crowd. Being a Broadway show we have such a great repertoire’s to choose from. We start in the 30’s and work through the decades. We love doing more modern stuff and performing songs from Once and Les Miserables.All the guys have got their favorites.

“Geez, it’s all a bit of a blur for me,” Muller says. “There are a few of us who get up to some crazy things. But what happens on tour stays on tour.”

“We obviously have some classic days,” Newall says. “We always have a great day on St Patrick’s Day and we get into a lot of the festivities as well like Super Ball Sunday was also a big one for us. Taking photos in New York City.”

“You know we’re just a bunch of blokes who try to get into the local brews as much as we can, wherever we go,” adds in Muller.”We’re like a singing footy team.”

The Ten Tenors will perform at the Lyric Theatre, QPAC on Friday 6 June and Saturday 7 June. Tickets are available from .Their new album, The Ten Tenors on Broadway, is out now.