Find out Jimeoin’s thoughts on family, stage fright and Aussie slang, plus win tickets to his Brisbane show!

Jimeoin is used to dealing with a raucous crowd but when he calls through to the bmag office it’s his four kids who can be heard gleefully heckling him in the background.

Walking a thin line between home and the stage is nothing new for the UK comedian who now calls Australia home, in fact he finds transitioning between high flying international comedy tours and traditional family life easily familiar and describes it as ‘going from one extreme to the other’.

“My wife gets sick of me when I’m home,” he says with a cheeky laugh. “When I’m touring an average day begins with a bit of publicity, then a lot of loitering – a lot of hanging around. But I’m not always touring, I have a family so I come and go lots. I’ve got kids so I’ve got to get them to school and whatnot.”

Luckily for Brisbane fans his next tour will bring him right to our doorstep when his YES, YES, WHATEVER?!. tour rolls into the Brisbane Powerhouse in a few short weeks. During his career the comedian has flexed his comedy chops across the globe from New York to New Zealand, Aspen to Amsterdam, the Middle East to the Far East and is looking forward to tickling Brisbane’s funny bone with his unique sense of humor.

The Irish ex-pat moved Down Under at the age of 22 and found his home on Australian stages throughout the 90s, but despite his longevity in the lucky country Jimeoin still finds it hard to wrap his head around our Aussie slang.

“I love Brisbane. I like staying in the city so I can catch the water taxi,” he says. “I feel like I’ve seen all of the country now; it was great to go to the outback. My favourite Australian slang word is mole – you don’t get moles in Australia yet we’re the only country that has that expression and I still don’t really understand ‘fair dinkum’.

Despite regular appearances at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and and sold out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Jimeoin says even his many years spent on the stage have not been enough to shake the unavoidable pre-show nerves.

“Yeah I get very nervous sometimes,” he admits.”But I think that’s very human isn’t it? Even if you’re not on stage, if you’re at job interviews or with new people at party you get nervous – it’s a continual experience, there’s no escaping it. Especially if you’re socially awkward too…”

“It’s a good rule of thumb to have jokes as your starting point. Sometimes you pretend you’re interested in something or have a message because it helps you deliver the joke better, but the reality is jokes, jokes jokes.”

After completing his Australian tour, Jimeoin says he’ll be returning to the UK for a visit, but will leaving his loyalties behind in Australia.

“I see everywhere as my neighbours. Australian and British audiences are quite similar,” he says. “I’ll be spending my time off watching the world cup – and I’ll be going for Australia.”

YES, YES, WHATEVER?!. will play at the Brisbane Powerhouse from 29 May to 8 June. For more information and to book tickets see the Brisbane Powerhouse website.

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