Angry Splendour in the Grass fans have started an online petition for all ticket sales to be cancelled after some people were massively over-charged while others were given discounts.

A hacking attack on the ticket seller’s website is believed to be responsible for a fiasco affecting sales for the Byron Bay music festival on Friday morning, which some people said caused them to miss out on tickets.

The seller, Moshtix, blamed “an isolated technical issue”.

“During today’s Splendour in The Grass on-sale, due to technical issues some customers were erroneously offered reduced priced tickets and charged incorrect credit card fees,” Moshtix said.

Tickets went on sale on Friday morning at 9am and were sold out just after 11am.

A ticket for the full three days of the event costs $355 while a ticket for just one day was priced $149.

Many fans claimed they were charged credit card fees of between $1000 and $3000.

“High credit card fees happening on invalid 50% off tickets – DO NOT PURCHASE THESE 50% OFF TICKETS!,” the Splendour In The Grass official account posted on Twitter on Friday morning.

A petition was subsequently launched on to get organisers to cancel all tickets and reschedule sales.

Many fans said they decided not to buy tickets because they couldn’t afford the credit card fees.

“My partner was getting ours and he saw the cc fee which we couldn’t afford and he figured it was an error and clicked back and after re entering all our details the allocation was exhausted!!,” one Facebook user posted.

“Why is it only people who paid the ridiculous card fee end up with tickets even though it was the errors fault that we missed out?! Ridiculous!!, she continued”

Some posted screen shots of the moshtix Facebook page showing a suspicious link to a website with Silk Road in the title and a email at the bottom of the purchasing page.

The name Silk Road is associated with an online underground network associated with criminal activity.

“@SITG is it safe to buy #SplendourintheGrass tickets with my credit card and not have the info sold off to Silk Road?,” one punter tweeted.

Moshtix said in the statement that no credit card information had been compromised and customers who were undercharged or overcharged would be contacted directly to correct their booking.

“In response to speculation regarding unauthorised / illegal access of personal information during this morning’s Splendour In The Grass on sale, we can confirm that no credit card information has been compromised during the technical issues experienced this morning,” it said in a statement.