Want to get fit and make new friends? Why not try joining up a social sport club like Touch Rugby League Brisbane.

Touch rugby league (TRL), exactly like rugby league but without tackling, is taking Brisbane by storm with 13 competitions operating around Brisbane.

“Aside from the rules which make TRL just like the real thing (except without the tackles), we pride ourselves on running highly-professional yet very social competitions,” says Aleeshia Chick, spokesperson for Touch Rugby League Brisbane. “Regardless of ability, there is a spot on the field for everyone.”

And you don’t have to be fit to get started – TRL will get you on the path to fitness in no time.

“The use of substitute players on the sideline allows players to swap on and off the field, slowly building their fitness levels throughout the season at their own pace,” says Chick. “TRL helps build fitness levels through running and improves ball skills through continual passing and kicking as per the rules of the game.”

Unlike regular touch football, touch rugby league players are able kick the ball, and they play the ball in the rugby league style as well, meaning the sport bears the closest resemblance to actual rugby league out of all the touch football codes.

“As a result, TRL eliminates the annoying touch tactics around quick ‘dump and runs’ and also provides a smoother and quicker game than the TAG codes,” says Chick.

But it’s not just the sport and fitness side that has players excited, says Chick.

“TRL also organises and funds numerous social functions through the year that regularly attract crowds of over 500 people,” she says.

Registrations are open for the new season, with Mens and Mixed Adults competitions beginning 17 February – check out TRL’s Come and Try Night to see if it’s your game.

Do you play Touch Rugby League? Would you give it a go? Let us know!