A funding boost of $131million will be provided to Queensland state schools in 2014 as part of a new plan, the Great Results Guarantee, to help improve literacy and numeracy rates.

The scheme aims to put Queensland school students into the top performance bracket by 2020.

“The annual funding will come with a guarantee that every Queensland state school student will either; achieve the National Minimum Standard for literacy and numeracy for their year level or have a plan in place to address why they might be falling behind,” says Premier Campbell Newman. “These guarantees will be published on every school’s website, and we want parents and the school community to have input into these targets. Engaged school communities will only strengthen outcomes in the classroom.”

The program will focus on the early years of school, since research indicates this time is key to achieving better outcomes, and Premier Newman maintains the money will go where it’s needed most.

“Queensland has a real opportunity to target funding where schools need it most and the Great Results Guarantee will do just that,” Premier Newman says. “The Great Results Guarantee will make a real difference on the ground in schools and contribute to this government’s wider school improvement agenda to achieve better student outcomes.”

“Every school will be better off under this plan,” says Minister for Education, Training and Employment John-Paul Langbroek, adding that state schools will receive their current level of funding as well as a share of the additional $131 million. “This is not a quick fix or a short-sighted media stunt like we have seen in the past from previous state and federal governments.

“The Great Results Guarantee will provide a safety net to capture students who are falling below the National Minimum Standard for literacy and numeracy and also prevent our high performing students from sliding backwards. It is an investment in Queensland’s future.”

“Queensland’s education system needs to be at the top of its game in order for the state to be able to innovate and rise to the challenges of tomorrow,” says Premier Newman. “By building a solid learning foundation, we can maximise student results and achieve this.”

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