The cast of Cosi are hard at work in La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre and bmag has the first photos from inside the rehearsal room

Raucous laughter has been spilling out of La Boite Theatre this week.

At first it’s easy to assume it’s an audience enjoying the work of well know comedians or suffering the effects of too much happy gas, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The culprits are the cast of Cosi, the team who are preparing to bring Louis Nowra’s classic Australian comedy to life, and boy are they having fun doing it.

The star studded production of Cosi inlcudes Brisbane NIDA graduate Benjamin Schostakowski, theatre stars Aaron Davison, Jennifer Flowers, Amy Ingram, Benjamin Schostakowski, Anthony Standish and Trevor Stuart along with Packed to the Rafters star Jessica Marais who will star opposite her former on-screen boyfriend turned off-screen fiancé James Stewart for the first time on stage.

“It’s been a really fun experience,” says Benjamin, taking a quick break from the stage during a full day of rehearsals. “We’re constantly cracking up when we look at each the and not just because the material itself is so hilarious. We’ve been experimenting a lot with the lines and the blocking and it’s all just really coming together.

“I’ve never worked with these cast members before, or met Jessica or James who are quite well known actors, but we’ve all just bonded very quickly. You have to, in this line of work. We’ve just spent so much time together.”

The star studded production of Cosi will play at La Boite’s Roundhouse Theatre from 8 February to 8 March.