Are you one of Queensland’s youth that want to make a difference? The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament is looking for you.

The YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament will be held again this year in September for its 19th consecutive year.

The call is out for those who want to make a difference to stand up and take their seat!

Applications for the 2014 YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament are now open.

The program provides a platform for Queensland’s youth to have their opinions heard, debate key issues and propose new legislation.

Bella Vecchio who is 19 years old is the Youth Governor for 2014 and will lead the Youth Members. Ms Vecchio says this year is shaping up to be the most inspiring yet.

“YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament allows society’s most engaged, passionate and energetic youth to make a tangible difference in their communities,” she said.

This year the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament will be comprised of one Youth Member from each of the 89 state electorates including 4 Indigenous seats.

After 4 months of meticulous bill drafting the program will culminate in September with a four-day sitting of parliament. All Members of State Parliament will hand over the reins and their desks, to 93 young people aged 15-25 years.

The bills they draft don’t get thrown away when the 4 day take-over concludes. Each Youth Bill passed by the Queensland Youth Parliament in September will be handed directly to the Government before being distributed to Members of Parliament.

The bills that are created during the youth take-over highlight the issues the next generation of leader’s think are top priority.

Numerous YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament bills have influenced Queensland legislation.
For instance last year’s sitting saw an array of fresh ideas including; mental health legislation, debate on same-sex marriage and compulsory organ donation.

“Queensland Youth Parliament isn’t just a program about political education, it is an experience that changes lives, affords the opportunity to bond with like-minded individuals and equips members with the tools to make ongoing state-wide change,” said Ms Vecchio.

If you are an individual passionate about current issues and aged 15-25 years you can be part of the YMCA Queensland Youth Parliament, simply contact your local Member of Parliament, or
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