Did you know you can now receive a warning when a storm is on approach? Read on and find out how you and your family can be more aware before a storm.

We are certainly in the throws of storms season and after the massive storm yesterday afternoon the clean up has begun.

Whenever a storm is on approach social media usually explodes with posts and updates on anything to do with the damage, lightening, hail etc. Brisbane storms even have their own dedicated hash tag –¬†#bnestorm¬†.

But if you are at work or listening to a CD in the car sometimes you can miss all the storm hype and be caught off guard when a massive storm hits.

The Brisbane City Council is now offering a free storm warning alert service that will alert Brisbane residents when an extreme weather warning has been issued. The system is called the Early Warning Network or EWN.

The EWN monitors several weather websites like the Bureau of Meterology and will alert registered residents of approaching hail and thunderstorms, destructive winds and cyclones and flooding.

One person per household can register to receive alerts by email, SMS or even a recorded message on the land-line. The Brisbane City Council also offers a Creek Flooding Alert Service to certain at-risk residents.

When a storm is coming it is important to be prepared and aware of the severity of the storm that is approaching, as they say it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Then there are things like your pets and your car that you have to make sure are safe and secure when a storm is on approach.

Will you use the EWN? If you register next time it storms let us know how effective it is?