Are you engaged? If you need to plan a wedding there can be a lot to think about, so we’ve complied a list of basic planning pointers to get you started.

After the excitement and giddiness from a new engagement dies down it is time for some serious wedding planning to begin. Follow these 13 steps to start planning you wedding. Mind you these are just to get you started, depending on the wedding you decide to have a lot of planning can be involved. these are the basics so you can start forming your plan and get some perspective on how much needs to be done.

1. Money Money Money

Before you start planning discuss the more difficult side of any wedding – the budget. Who is going to pay for the wedding?
Decide how much a realistic budget is, then choose a figure to aim for (generally slightly under this) then choose your maximum budget. If you aim for the low one you hopefully will not reach the maximum budget and will end up somewhere in the middle.

2. Dreams big!

Discuss your hopes and dreams for your wedding. Do you want it to be small or big? Do you want it to be outdoors or indoors? Discuss with your fiancée what you want your wedding to be and who you want to be there.

3. Plan your plan

you need to break up your planning over the months leading up to your wedding and set dates for when certain things need to be finalised. You also need to decide what method you are going to use to keep track of all your booking, choices and contacts – excel, hand written book, online program etc.

3. Who? When? Where?

Start hunting for venues early, this will help you decide on a final number of guests and the overall theme and feel of your wedding. Plus it may determine the date of your ceremony, if your favourite venue is only available in May, then that is when your date will have to be! Begin finalising numbers and compiling a guest list so you have a ball park figure in mind when you are searching for venues. After you decide on the perfect venue decide exactly how many guests you want to be there and finalise your guest list.

4. Theme, atmosphere, colours?

If you have you venue you now need to decide on what general theme you want to follow so the day flows and feels perfect for you and your partner. You can choose your colours and the general vibe you want – do you want bright colours and a relaxed feel or would your prefer all white and elegance. Whatever you decide make sure it reflects who you are as a couple. You will also need to design your invitation and begin collecting addresses and eventually send out your invites to your guests.  You will also need to think about what flowers you will have on they day ! talk to a florist and check out what is available around your date.

6. Wedding party

After the logistics are out of the way formally ask your wedding party to be involved in your wedding, are you going to have an even number of bridesmaids and groomsmen? will you have a ring bearer and flower girl? . You will also have to choose an Officiant for the big day.

7.  The Gown and rings

Decide what dress code you want the wedding to be and start looking for or designing your wedding dress. Discuss with your partner outfit options – semi-formal, black tie, smart-casual? Once you have a dress code you can decide on what you want the bridesmaids and groomsmen will be wearing. Don’t forget to think about your wedding rings, will they be the same? If you want to get them made don’t forget to allow time for re-sizing.

8. Entertain us

Now you have decided on the theme and overall feel of the wedding begin thinking about what type of entertainment you want. Live band? DJ? The choice is up to you but make sure you choose something you and your guests are likely to enjoy plus check with the venue what type of performers they allow. You will also need to be mindful if the band or DJ can supply their own sound equipment or if the venue has everything they need.

9. Document your day

Photographers, film crew, iPhones? Whichever way you decide to document your day make sure you decide and approach them several months in advance so you can secure them for your date.

10. Give them cake.

Have some fun and go on a cake tasting. This will ensure the cake you get is exactly what you want and it tastes amazing as well. You will need to supply enough cake so everyone can have a piece, so depending on the number of guests you cake may need have several tiers or be small and simple.

11. Food and drinks

Decide on the food and drinks you will be supplying at the reception and dinner. Will you have an open or cash bar? how many course will you have? Will you have canapes in between the ceremony and the reception? AFter the ceremony your friends will be hungry so you need to be mindful of their needs while you go and take photos etc.

12. Gifts

Decide how you are going to approach the whole gift thing. You can go the traditional route and register or you could ask guests to put money in a wishing well at the event or even donate to your favorite charity. let your guest know early so they don;t go out and buy you something you won’t use or need.

13. Honeymoon

What honeymoon are you going to go on? What can you afford and where do you want to go? Find the perfect getaway destination that both you and your fiancee with enjoy.

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