Need some help handling your spending in 2014? Online consumer guide CHOICE have released a comprehensive list of resolutions that everyone should keep.

Over spending is a constant problem in many Australian households. Thankfully this year CHOICE the online consumer companion has compiled a list of New Year’s resolutions to help consumers ease the credit card and cash flow crunch in 2014.

CHOICE spokesperson, Tom Godfrey encourages everyone to adhere to these resolutions to help with their budget.

“Following a few simple resolutions when shopping in-store and online will help to take the pressure of the family budget and encourage businesses to work harder for your loyalty.”

Here are the resolutions that every shopper should consider;

1. Use unit pricing when doing the weekly shop

Look past the catchy slogans and large sale signs and compare the unit price on all products when doing the weekly shop.

2. Avoid the “Australia Tax” on digital products and cosmetics

Australians have to pay inflated taxes for several products including cosmetics and technology. You can avoid this “Australia Tax” by learning how to use a, learning how to use a virtual private network (VPN) to navigate around online geo-blocks, for more information visit

3. Is it really “free range”?

Everyone looks for “free range’” products these days and therefore almost every egg and meat producer is claiming their products are “free range”. It is always important to read the fine print on the pack before paying extra for “free range”. If the stocking density is above the 1,500 birds per hectare set out in the national model code you might want to reconsider paying a premium.

4. Compare health insurance policies

You could be surprised by the amount you could save by simply comparing a few health insurance policies. Make sure you are getting exactly what your family needs at a competitive price.

5. Return any faulty Apple products purchased in the last 2 years

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) have confronted Apple over failing to meet its obligations under Australian Consumer Law. Now consumers can now return any faulty Apple product purchased in the past two years – or longer in some cases.

6. Ignore “no refund” signs

If you have purchased a faulty product you need to know ‘No refund’ signs are illegal. If the re retailer about your consumer right to a refund and if you don’t have any luck contact Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs in your state or territory.

7. Watch out for fake online reviews

Have you ever gone to buy a product and been super satisfied with the amazing amount of super positive reviews? Chances are most of them are fake, strategically included by the online retailer to lead you astray. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

8. Say no to surcharges and use a fee free payment method

Many online services and retailers have sky high fees for credit cards as a consumer you should try and opt for a fee-free payment method and if confronted with a strange surcharge let CHOICE know so other consumers will be aware of it.

9. Compare, ditch and switch to a low-fee, low-rate credit card

If you’re someone who doesn’t pay off your credit card balance in full every month, consider looking for a competitive no frills, low-fee credit card. There is no harm in looking around and finding the best card for you.

10. Check your home and contents cover

Similar to health insurance always check and compare you current cover with other home and contents insurance. Don’t just let your cover be automatically renewed each year unless you know you are getting the best deal. .

What are your spending and saving tips?