A new year means new possibilities, but also new responsibilities. Here are five apps to help you get organised so you can tackle 2014 head on.

As things begin to return to normal after the excitement of Christmas and New Year’s Eve the prospect of work, family, friends, hobbies and all life’s other demands can sometimes become overwhelming. To make life a little simpler try one or all of these apps below and soon you will have a more time for yourself.

1. Awesome Note
This app is the king of organisation; it combines a to-do list, calendar and reminders all in the one nifty app. To save time you can sync with existing reminders and calendar notifications already stored on your phone. The Awesome Note App has been described as the best all in one organiser app.

2. Dashlane password manager
Never forget an important password again with Dashlane password manager & secure digital wallet app. With the digital wallet you can store copies of your ID, credit cards etc. but the real organisational genius of this app is the easy to use password manager. The app encrypts your passwords so only you can access them and also notifies you of any security breaches it detects. Plus added bonus it is free for iPhones.

3. EasilyDo Smart Assistant
Need a personal assistant to keep track of important dates and menial administration jobs well EasilyDo is the perfect app for you. Easy Do can notify you of upcoming birthdays, bad weather traffic reports and so much more. It links all your online accounts like Facebook, email and iOS calendar to give you up to date information all on the one screen.

4. Node
For those of you who have Window Phones, Node is the organisational app for you. Node is an app that allows you to track, connect and record your thoughts and ideas. You can make different project and then make lists, save images and even record audio for each project. Perfect for organising overseas trips, parties or uni/ work assignments.

5. Dragon Dictation
Dragon dictation app is the perfect tool to record your thoughts and memos with the click of a button. Instead of writing things down just speak into your phone and record yourself a reminder. This app is also good to record new ideas and important quotes that you want to come back to later.

What apps do you use to organise your life?