Head to UnderWater World this holidays to check out the new jelly fish exhibit, the largest of its kind in Australia the exhibit is just one part of the major renovations the aquarium has undergone over the past two years

Queensland’s UnderWater World Sea Life have unveiled Australia’s largest jelly fish exhibit as part of a $6.5 million, two year refurbishment.

UnderWater World has been a favourite location for many years for school camps and day trips. Now the brand new refurbishment means the experience at this UnderWater attraction is even more special and unique.

The new UnderWater World Sea Life exhibit located in Mooloolaba, showcases five amazing new zones and new species, including the country’s largest exhibit of sea jellies. The new jelly fish section has hundreds of jelly fish from five different species on display in a colourful, interactive zone.

UnderWater World Sea Life Curator of Fishes, Kate Willson said the animal team is excited to showcase the new additions to locals and tourists.

“We’re all incredibly excited to continue to educate people about a wide variety of animals at UnderWater World Sea Life especially the new Jelly Fish Kingdom zone which is sure to be incredibly popular with such a large, extraordinary exhibit of sea jellies,” said Ms Willson.

UnderWater World have not forgotten their strong ethical and environment beliefs throughout the renovation and still strive to breed, rescue and protect. They house a wide range of common and rare jelly fish with hopes to further educate the public on the ecological significance of jelly fish and the need for research and conservation.

Ms. Willson said there is a wide range of jellies to see and some of them are truly remarkable.

“Visitors to UnderWater World Sea Life will be able to discover hundreds of jelly fish from five different species including upside down jellies, moon jellies, comb jellies (gooseberries), blue blubbers and sea nettles.”

James Thomas, Head of Queensland Attractions at Merlin Entertainments said the multi-million dollar refurbishment will position UnderWater World Sea Life  on a global scale of aquariums and give the Sunshine Coast based establishment more access to information.

“UnderWater World Sea Life  today joins a family of 43 Sea Life aquariums throughout the world, owned and operated by Merlin Entertainments Group giving the Sunshine Coast attraction access to information, research and animal experts from Sea Life aquariums across Australia,” he said.

The makeover and refurbishment is the attraction’s biggest change in its 24 year history.

The completion of the four month, $2.5 million second stage of refurbishment comes on the back of a $4 million refurbishment of the Ocean Tank and Walk Through and investment in water filtration systems in September 2012.

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