Reclaim your weekend with our tips on how you can manage your chores so come Friday afternoon you can enjoy your freedom and relax.

After a busy week at work or running the kids to school, cricket or vacation care you don’t want to spend your weekend dusting, polishing and paying bills. So instead we recommend learning how to organise your chores so they are done by the time Friday afternoon rolls around and then you are free to have a cocktail. Just follow these five simple tips and in no time at all you will be owning your weekend again.

Five tips to get your chores in order

1. Trial and error

The first and most important tip is chore scheduling is trial and error. If something isn’t working or a task is being missed then your going to have to keep changing your plan until everything gets done well, even if it takes upward of five different approaches don’t lose heart.

2. Cleaning schedule

Make a daily cleaning schedule this one goes hand in hand with trial and error. Based on previous experience assign a certain task or area of the home for each day and thoughtfully divide it up between each house occupant whether they are family or roommates. Then come the weekend the cleaning will be mostly done and you can all have two days break enjoying each others company.

3. Do it on auto 

There are programs out there to help you pay your bills, make sure you remember to pick up your subscriptions and even do your shopping, if a task can be automated then it should be automated.

4. Use time well

Don’t waste time or just idly wait for something to be done. If you’re in the kitchen waiting for the kettle to boil unpack the dishwasher or sort through the bills. Small tasks can be accomplished in quick succession, you just have to work on time management.

5. Use an app

If everything is getting on top of you or you don’t like the idea of a whiteboard chores list, try using a chores app that you can easily input your chores into. This will ensure you don’t forget anything and all the jobs are formatted so they are easy to read.

What tricks and tips do you have to keep your chores under control?