The origins of Boxing Day are unclear to this day, but there are a few ideas as to where the day gets its name.

When someone says Boxing Day in Australia most people will think of two things, cricket and shopping.  The bowlers and bargains are out in force, but why do we call the day after Christmas Boxing Day? No, it is not because you want to crawl into a box because of a hangover, stress or too much food, in fact the reasons why we call it Boxing Day are not set in stone but here are three ideas to why Boxing Day was given its name. All three explanations have something to do with boxes and gifts.

1. Some cultures believe it was because servants had to work on Christmas Day serving up the Christmas feast, but on the fololwing day they had the day off and were presented with boxes filled with money, gifts or leftover food by their employers.

2. It could be that Boxing Day got its name because of the Alms Box that was placed in churches on Christmas Day to allow church-goers to place gifts and money in the boxes for the poor. Then on the day after Christmas the gifts and money was distributed and the gifts were opened by the poor.

3.Finally Boxing Day could get it’s name because large┬ásailing ships when setting out on a journey would have a sealed box containing money on board for good luck. If the voyage was a success the box was given to a priest, opened at Christmas and the contents given to the poor.


Before reading this article where did you think Boxing Day got its name?