Ever wondered what the weather on the other side of the world is like on Christmas Day? We have complied a list of Maximums and minimums that the Major cities across the world are expected to experience on Christmas Day this year.

It is amazing how different cultures celebrate Christmas in so many different ways around the world and a big part of what causes all these differences is the weather.

Check out the weather forecasts for major cities across the world below, there are some place like New York and Moscow that will be well and truly freezing and covered in snow. Children can play in the snow, building snowmen and sledding, while the family enjoy hot chocolate and a sizzling fire.

Then you have places like in  Rio de Janeiro that are going to be scorching, plus there is us in Brisbane who can expect another hot Christmas day and maybe even a storm. Us Aussies will spend the day around the pool or at the beach, having big lunches, cool drinks and maybe even a game of cricket.

Brisbane – Max 30°C Min 23°C

Rio de Janeiro – Max 29°C  Min 21°C

Sydney – Max 26°C Min 14°C

Johannesberg – Max 25 °C Min 14°C

Melbourne – Max 24°C Min 16°C

New Delhi – Max 24°C Min 9°C

Wellington – Max 24°C Min 13°C

Los Angeles – Max 22 °C Min 10°C

Cairo – Max 22°C Min 9°C

Dubai -Max 19°C Min 10°C

Rome -Max 11°C Min 4°C

Tokyo – Max 9°C Min 3 °C

Berlin – Max 8°C Min 0°C

London – 7°C Min 6 °C

New York – Max 6°C  Min -3°C

Moscow – Max 0°C Min -5°C

Beijing  – Max 5°C Min -2°C

Paris -Max 5 °C Min 1°C



Thanks to accuweather.com for the forecasts. What has been your weirdest or worst weather experience at Christmas time?

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