During summer Australians love having fun in the sun and making most of the beautiful weather, but we also love to find ways to stay cool.

It should be no surprise that in a recent survey of more than 800 Australians, the beach was voted as the best place to visit to cool off on a summer day.

According to the survey conducted by SilverNeedle Hospitality we also love our strawberries and sipping on fresh cold lemonade.

To celebrate the launch of their new ‘COOL Summer’ campaign, SilverNeedle Hospitality recently asked more than 800 Australians to reveal their favourite ways of staying cool during summer with more than 350 respondents saying would rather spend a day with the family at the beach instead of going to a waterpark or the local zoo.

The survey also revealed that when it comes to keeping cool on a long, hot summer day, Australians prefer taking a dip in the pool than staying in the shade or having ice-cream.

Fresh strawberries came out on top as the most delicious cool summer taste sensation , with lemonade a close second and coconut water trailing behind as the least favourite.

The Gold Coast is still the number one choice for a summer getaway within the country, with Noosa Lakes coming in number two and Alice Springs the holiday spot most likely to be avoided.

The Survey results listed Australians favourite ways to stay cool this summer:

Quick dip in the pool 37.9%

Swim in the ocean 29%

Ice cold drink 24.6%

Staying in the shade: 23.3%

Other 8.8%

The perfect ’cool’ summer day locations:

The beach 43.8%

Quiet picnic 25.7%

Water park 17.3%

Zoo 11%

A quirky alternative 7.8%

Other 8.3%

Favourite cool summer taste sensations:

Fresh strawberries 28.7%

Fresh lemonade 27.5%

Fruity Ice Block 18.9%

Chocolate ice-cream 15.1%

Coconut water 9.4%

Other 14.5%

Favourite Australian summer getaway locations:

Gold Coast 35.7%

Noosa 29.5%

Northern NSW 18%

Adelaide 10.1%

Alice Springs 2.9%

Other 16.7%


 What do you like to do to cool off in summer?