QUT’s emerging artists are keen to make a mark on the Brisbane scene.

The 2013 QUT emerging artists graduating visual arts cohort held a special exhibition last night to showcase the interesting works of 30 emerging Brisbane artists.

The exhibition, held in QUT’s Kelvin Grove H block was cleared out and painted white by graduates in the past two weeks, to make room for the show.

Bmag had the pleasure of speaking with three graduating artists Ryan Fraser, Molly Young and Revy Hamilton on the works and where their sights are set for the future.

Ryan Fraser says this year has one of the biggest graduating cohorts in the past few years, and he hopes that it transfers into a big honours group.

The exhibition houses rooms and corridors filled with a wide range of artwork, including interactive and visual multi-media pieces as well as performances and installations.

“Some graduates have more than one piece in this exhibition, with some people filling an entire room,” Young says.

“Most of the artwork has been taken from our portfolios that were due two weeks ago, luckily nothing is being assessed, so we’ve handed everything in and now we get to throw a party,” Hamilton says.

“This is the height of our polished work, everyone has gone to new extremes to present it to the public,” Fraser says.

They say the cohort has grown as a community over the past three years and Ryan, Molly and Revy have all decided to jump back into university next year by undergoing their honours together.

“Afterwards I’m specifically interested in becoming a practicing artist, but also doing a few program works for building the community,” Hamilton says.

The graduates say everyone in the cohort agrees that Brisbane needs more community artists to grow the Brisbane scene, otherwise people just flee to Melbourne.

“You either flee or you try and stay and build on what’s already here, that’s something that I hold dear… I’m not going to run away,” Fraser says.

“We can be the start of something really interesting, there is potential here,” Young says.

“Brisbane is a lot more underground than Melbourne and it’s just the matter of breaking into it,” Fraser says.

The QUT13 visual art exhibition finishes today at QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus, H block.