Congratulations to the winners of the Griffin Technology ‘Survivor’ prize packs!

If you’re a chronic phone dropper or someone whose phone deals with a variety of tough love, Griffin Technology’s Survivor case range is what you’re looking for.

Survivor cases provide protection from drops of up to six feet, are ideal for weather protection and available in slimline, clear or coloured options to protect your iPad, iPhone, Kindle or Samsung Galaxy. Shattered screens will be a thing of the past.

And for those who love water, Griffin has created the Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof case that combines stylish, waterproof design with an easy-to-use functional case to use your phone. It protects your iPhone up to 3.3 metres deep enabling you to listen to music, grab photos and video all while being in water! Visit:

bmag and Griffin Technology has three prize packs worth $180 each which include a Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof case for iPhone 5 and a Survivor iPad case.

Total prize value $540.

Congratulations to Mareeka Gray, Sandy Filla and Kevin Kelly – the lucky winners of our Survivor prize packs!.