Wormald gave away five fire safety kits with each kit containing a 1kg ABE fire extinguisher, photoelectric smoke alarm and fire blanket. Each kit is valued at $60, total prize value $300.

Congratulations to Sandra Lucas, Heidi Greenwood, Karen Sander, Angela Britz and Karen Smith – our lucky winners!

With summer here, we are now in one of our peak fire seasons. The dry heat means fire is a real risk. Fire protection specialist Wormald offers householders the following tips for installing and maintaining fire protection equipment:

  • Smoke alarms should be installed on each floor of a home, with at least one smoke alarm installed between the bedrooms and remainder of your home
  • Check smoke alarms once a month to ensure they are working correctly. Ensure the batteries are replaced as required
  • Equip your kitchen with a fire blanket and the correct fire extinguisher.

For more information about Wormald products, fire safety training and for safety tips visit www.wormald.com.au.