New Farm Cinemas will remember Carrie Fisher with a tribute worthy of royalty.

Carrie Fisher was many things — an actress, an author, a humorist, a mental health advocate, an icon and, for millions of fans around the world, a Princess.

The passing of this titan has left many fans feeling like they need to do something to honour her memory — which is why New Farm Cinema is inviting Jedis of all ages to join them for a special lightsaber vigil.

The vigil will be held outside New Farm Cinemas at 6pm on Saturday 31 December (before the 7pm screening of Rogue One); fans are invited to dress up as their favourite Star Wars characters and invite their fellow Wookies, bounty hunters, Ewoks and Stormtroopers.

It’s being billed as a chance to brighten the night sky and say thank you to a woman who inspired so many people on and off screen.

Of course, since the event is being held on New Year’s Eve, it’s really a chance to shine a light on all the fallen heroes who left us in 2016, and look towards 2017 with a sense of optimism and, well, a new hope.

All tickets to all sessions all day will be $10; naturally, there’ll be plenty of Rogue One sessions.

For more information, visit the event page.