The global No Pants Subway Ride is coming up again, and Brisbane will be participating in the pants-less party.

The No Pants Subway Ride started out in 2002 in New York and is now held in over 59 cities around the world, with tens of thousands of people participating world-wide.

The concept is pretty simple — at a coordinated time on Sunday 8 January 2017, seemingly random passengers on a train will take their pants off for no apparent reason (leaving their underwear on, mind you) and continue about their daily business as if this is just part of their usual routine.

The passengers, who are told to behave as if they don’t know each other, will still be wearing all their other clothes. The only unusual thing will be their lack of pants.

It’s easy to see how this concept could go from “hilarious comedy” to “borderline sexual harassment” in a hurry, but event organisers claim to work closely with Queensland Police and Queensland Rail in advance of the event to ensure it doesn’t cause concern to other passengers riding the train.

This will be the eighth year that the No Pants Subway Ride is held in Brisbane.

The event is coordinated by Brisbane Popup Comedy (formerly the Brisbane Flashmob Group), and according to spokesman Adam Spencer (no, not the one off the radio), the purpose for the event is simply to “bring a smile to some unsuspecting people’s faces”.

The No Pants Subway Ride will be held on Sunday 8 January 2017. The exact time and meeting place will be announced between 48 and 72 hours before the event; for more information, visit the Facebook event page.