Sex, drugs and ’80s trance. Trainspotting Live will bring Irvine Welsh’s drug-fueled modern classic to life on stage in Brisbane.

Following sold-out and extended seasons in the UK, this acclaimed production of Irvine Welsh’s novel will burst to life at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

The adrenaline-filled production recaptures the controversy of the famous novel (and globally successful film), repackaging it into a totally immersive stage production to portray the underground drug scene in smacked-out Edinburgh.

Kicking off with a rave complete with strobe lighting and glow sticks, audiences are given a no-holds-barred, close-up view of the lives of Renton, Begbie and Sickboy as they are thrown head first into a world of hedonism and the bleak reality of heroin addiction.

Harry Gibson’s original stage adaptation, written before the book became a blockbuster Danny Boyle film (with a sequel on the way), was instantly successful and controversial, and won the Sunday Times Award for Best New Play.

For this 21st anniversary production, In Your Face Theatre have created a snappy and vibrant affirmation of the power and humour of the piece.

It’s a production so powerful, it prompted Irvine Welsh to say: “I was shocked… and I wrote the f**king thing!”

The production features an all-Scottish cast (so you don’t have to worry about local actors butchering the accent), including Rachael Anderson (June), Chris Dennis (Begbie), Calum Barbour (Mother Superior), Greg Esplin (Tommy), Michael Lockerbie (Sickboy), Erin Marshall (Alison) and Gavin Ross (Renton).

Director Adam Spreadbury Maher was born in Australia, and now lives in London, where he serves as the artistic director of the King’s Head Theatre in Islington.

Trainspotting Live — suitable only for audiences aged 16+, containing scenes of nudity, drug use, violence of a sexual nature, claustrophobia and very strong language — will come to the Brisbane Powerhouse (119 Lamington Street, New Farm) from Wednesday 19 April to Saturday 22 April.

Oh, and please keep in mind that this is a fully immersive experience — so don’t wear your best clothes to this one.

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