The well-trodden entrance foyer that delivers visitors into Dracula’s iconic theatre has recently undergone a dramatic transformation!

To coincide with the launch of their new show, Retro Vampt, Newman Entertainment – who have operated the popular Broadbeach haunt since 1986 – have opened their new million-dollar Mausoleum experience.

The new entrance construction stands three stories high and has been themed to blend in with the existing post-modern Transylvanian architecture.

Arriving visitors will enter a surround-simulation attraction called the Mausoleum. Once inside, visitors are suddenly hit with the realisation that they are standing in a large earthy grave, festooned with giant tree roots and old bones. Towering some 10 metres above them, a large projection screen will present a dramatic scene of the stormy night sky. As the thunder booms, the entire floor vibrates on gyroscope engines. Next thing, a congregation of mourners look down from above and the priest delivers your funeral service. Spooky!

The theme is light-hearted and presents a right-of-passage to visitors wishing to ‘pass over to the other side of reality’ and gain access to the eccentric theatre. The unnerved visitors will then walk down a red lava themed passage to gain access to the baroque cocktail bar, before riding a ghost train into the main auditorium. Fun!

Even after three decades of dishing out laughs, Dracula’s dinner and show experience still stands proudly on the world stage as one of the most eccentric ways to pull up a chair and be entertained.

The new Mausoleum designer, Paul Newman says keeping the product alive and fresh isn’t that easy.

“The new funeral entrance is a totally immersive experience. It completely envelops people in the concept of leaving earthy constraints and worries behind them,” he says.

The new show Retro Vampt celebrates the 1970s through big hair, spandex flares and a funky song list, that promises to get the audience jiving in the aisles. The show’s Director, Haydie Newman says visitors will love the vibe.

“The 70s is back in vogue big-time, so we decided to tap into this amazing decade of funky music, flashy fashion and hairy culture with a vampire inspired psychedelic comedy cabaret.”

Although visitors shouldn’t take the retro feel lightly Haydie warns.

“Don’t think it’s all warm and fuzzy, the show keeps Dracula’s signature razor edge comedy, unexpected novelty acts and off-the-dial moments of insanity.”

“We feel that this is the show that locals who haven’t re-visited us in a while are going to love. It’s a real flash-back experience with a dark twist.”

The show features Brandon Inia Dewar as aerial flying DJ Diva, Sarah Louis-Jean a French Canadian Boila Dores circus performer, local variety artists Jessica Stansfield and Danielle Glanville, and the return of Dracula’s three Musketeers, comic actor Rudi Testa, MC Richard Macionis and ‘Japanese guitar Samurai’ Dave Kume, and promises to leave the audience buzzing with the tunes of the Bohemian Rhapsody, Rolling Stones, Donna Summer and the Jackson Five.

Retro Vampt tickets are now on sale online at or call 1800 DRACULAS.

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