You’ll be able to make a difference in the lives of homeless and disadvantaged youth just by going out and having a great time at this year’s Gala on the Green!

The Gala on the Green (GotG) was established way back in 2011 by a group of eight young Brisbane professionals who wanted to give back to their community.

“It’s a ball that we hold once a year,” explains GotG committee member Katie Adams. “It started with an event for 200 people, but in the last five years, it’s grown into an event for 650 people that sells out in hours. Last year we raised $35,000 for Brisbane Youth Service, and we are now their largest beneficiary.

“The aim of the night is to have a really great time, of course, but also to raise awareness and money for people who haven’t been as lucky as we have.”

The Gala has gotten bigger (and raised more money for Brisbane Youth Service) every year, culminating in last year’s $35,500 total at their Rio Carnival-themed ball at The Triffid.

This year’s Gala will be held at Riverlife in Kangaroo Point, and will have a Circus theme.

Katie and her fellow committee members aim to beat their previous record and raise $40,000 for Brisbane Youth Service, which provides short-term care for youth (including crisis support and health services), as well as longer-term support such as housing and parental skill development.

As it is every year, the Gala will be held in the afternoon, giving attendees a great opportunity to enjoy a glorious Brisbane sunset.

“That’s our real point of difference,” Katie says. “Because it’s an afternoon event, you can get dressed up and watch the sun go down while you enjoy a few Espresso Martinis!

“Riverlife have been really open to our ideas, and they understand what we want to achieve. They’ve been really hospitable, which is great. They’ve kept our costs down, which means we can raise even more money for Brisbane Youth Service.”

Because the Gala has supported Brisbane Youth Service since its inception, the committee has been able to see its contributions make a real difference in the lives of at-risk youths.

“Each year, we get to meet people who have gone through Brisbane Youth Service,” Katie explains.

“They do amazing things, and there’s a lot of homeless youths and underprivileged youths in Brisbane, which I didn’t realise before I got involved with the Gala. As a person who’s always had a home, that’s a pretty heart-wrenching thing to see.

“Everyone on the committee has been very lucky, so if we can do something that helps those people and we can see the difference it makes for them, I think that’s great.”

Annemaree Callander, the CEO of Brisbane Youth Service, says the Gala has had a tremendous impact.

“Brisbane Youth Service and the young people we support are enormously fortunate to be the recipients of the proceeds of Gala on the Green,” Annemaree says.

“Gala on the Green is the most significant annual fundraising event for Brisbane Youth Service and enables us to provide essential programs for vulnerable young people, such as housing, physical and mental health services and outreach. Last year we supported 1,300 young people aged 12-25 and their children, and this funding goes a long way toward helping make that happen.

“I would like to wish the Gala on the Green committee all the best for what I am sure will be another outstandingly successful and entertaining Gala ball this year.”

Gala on the Green, presented by Time Home Loans, will be held at Riverlife on Saturday 29 October. Tickets will go on sale on Wednesday 14 September at