Brisbane audiences will have the opportunity to devour a diverse entertainment line-up when Short+Sweet Festival returns in July.

Now in its eighth year, Short+Sweet Festival will serve up a banquet of bite-sized theatre and cabaret to hungry crowds, with something for every taste.

The event that bills itself as the “sushi train of the performance world” will offer titillating burlesque, daring drama, laugh-out-loud comedy, charismatic cabaret and quirky contemporary performance, all packed into 10 minute slots.

“We’ve programmed a huge selection of unique work, each one packing a punch,” says festival director Nathan Sibthorpe. “The festival is a great opportunity for audiences to sample different genres and see work by artists both emerging and established in the local industry.”

The festival will provide Queensland writers, directors, actors, independent theatre companies and cabaret artists with a professional platform to share their work with audiences and industry leaders, at a time when the creative industry is feeling the pinch of recent funding cuts.

“The line-up represents a real melting pot of talent,” Sibthorpe says, “from seasoned professionals to recreational artists — and with a diverse range of tastes and skills!”

A highlight of the festival is Jeremy Gordon’s latest work, So, What Are Your Demands, which allows audiences to choose their own adventure. The show places a daring bank heist in the hands of the audience, empowering them to pull off the greatest (or worst) bank robbery of all time through the power of audience interaction.

In a first for the festival, this year’s recipients of the Best Overall Production Award will be offered a creative development with Brisbane Powerhouse and Short+Sweet Queensland. The artists will receive up to five weeks’ worth of rehearsal time at Brisbane Powerhouse, as well as support from the festival to further develop their current work or breathe life into a new project.

“There has been an encouraging pattern over the past few years of our top shows going on to have other lives as full-length works,” Sibthorpe says. “This creative development represents an exciting opportunity for us to further support local artists in that process. In a sector that is known for DIY-everything, we’re really thrilled to be working with Brisbane Powerhouse to make sure that our brightest work has somewhere to grow.”

Short + Sweet Festival will be held at Brisbane Powerhouse from 14-23 July, and The Arts Centre Gold Coast from 4-13 August. Gala Finals will be held at Brisbane Powerhouse on 26 August. For more info, visit