Enjoy an explosive celebration of the music of Led Zeppelin, when the Led Zeppelin Masters and Queensland Symphony Orchestra perform live together in Brisbane, this July.

The greatest rock band of all time deserves the heaviest symphonic salute of the century and this is it.

Following two sold out shows at the Sydney Opera House and thirty-five years after Led Zeppelin’s official demise with the death of drummer John Bonham, Brisbane fans will witness a tribute befitting a legend that only grows in stature with each passing year.

Fronted by Zep Boys and their powerhouse vocalist Vince Contarino, and bolstered by the breathtaking might of The Queensland Symphony Orchestra (conducted by Nicholas Buc), the timeless legacy of Page, Plant, Bonham and Jones will scale new heights of hard rock majesty and symphonic grandeur from the raw, metallic blues of Whole Lotta Love to the epic Stairway to Heaven and the sheer exhilaration of Kashmir.

Since 1986, Adelaide’s Zep Boys have carved a unique place among the most flawless and passionate hard rock outfits to carry the Zeppelin flame, performing the sacred catalogue to gobsmacked crowds of up to 50,000. This Australian rock band takes pride in paying homage to their musical heroes and keeping the music and legacy alive by bringing the Led Zeppelin magic to all generations.

Now, with dramatically up-scaled production, note-perfect commitment unsurpassed in Zep-lore and outstanding instrumental accompaniment, this is their moment to make rock’n’roll history!

Don’t miss this explosive live show on Saturday 2 July at Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, celebrating the music of Led Zeppelin played by one of Australia’s most prestigious orchestras and performed by true Led Zeppelin Masters.

For more information or for tickets visit www.ledzeppelinmasters.com