Never ones to shy away from an opportunity to capitalise on angsty teenage nostalgia, the folks at The Foundry have announced an event that will make your inner prepubescent teen squeel with delight.

Let’s face it — anybody who came of age in the late ’90s and early ’00s probably wasted a lot of their youth playing the early Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video games.

And we all know the best part of those games was the soundtrack.

Now The Foundry is going to bring all those memories flooding back with their Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Tribute Night, featuring totally moshable tunes from the first three Tony Hawk games (AKA the good ones).

That means the set-lists are sure to include everything from classic Rage Against the Machine to The Ramones, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys and even Alien Ant Farm, and if you don’t hear some Motorhead in there somewhere, you’ll probably be entitled to a refund.

Kick-flipping onto the stage to play said tunes will be three of Brisbane’s best upcoming punk and garage bands — Hound, Deluso and Deeds.

There’ll be consoles set up at the venue so you can play the game, as well as giveaways, student-friendly prices, and decor that will instantly remind you of everyone’s favourite ‘Warehouse Level’.

Lace up your Etnies, strap on your elbow pads and get ready for the night you’ve been waiting for since 1999.

The Foundry is located at 228 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley. The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater Tribute Night will be held on Saturday 18 June, with doors set to open at 8pm. $10 pre-sale tickets are available now at OzTix.