Find meaning in the mundane this March with Diminuto Circus’ new, never-before-seen show, Arje: The Mystery in the Everyday, on at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

From Wednesday 9 to Saturday 12 March, the Diminuto Circus — one of Chile’s finest circus companies, based in Santiago — will delight Brisbane audiences with an incredible show full of physical theatre work and acrobatics.

The family friendly show is a wondrous physical odyssey brought to life by ordinary people who turn their attention to the world around them, with one message: ‘Discover the sublime moments in the everyday!’

Inspired by a Chilean philosophical reflection (the everyday and memory), Arje: The Mystery in the Everyday follows the story of quiet young girl called Emilia, who secretly possesses the art of writing and memory.

Through beautiful movement and breathtaking skills, Emilia transforms her memory of the mundane into the fantastic and writes her story in the air or any surface she can find. Through this, she’s able to tell her tale from the heart and overcomes great obstacles of lost love.

The show, which is exclusive to Brisbane, features four Chilean performers that are experts in working on Korean Cradle, a multi-level apparatus for flying, tossing and catching bodies as they fly through the air.

This show truly is amazing and one you can’t miss!

Arje: The Mystery in the Everyday will run for one week only, from Wednesday 9 to Saturday 12 March at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts.

For more information or for tickets visit or call 07 3872 9000.

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