Merry Christmas, everybody — team submissions for Australia’s first-ever BASEketball league are officially open.

Fortitude Valley venue The Brightside, which will be hosting these intense clashes of skill and psych-out-ability, has put the call out on Facebook today for team submissions.

The league has already generated plenty of interest on social media, and spots are limited (first in, best dressed), so you’d best move quickly if you want to live out all your BASEketball dreams.

The competition will be inside and air-conditioned, with a functioning bar. In keeping with the film’s soundtrack, the venue has guaranteed that “bulk Reel Big Fish” will be on repeat throughout the competition.

According to the sign-up sheet, each team must have one captain with three players and one sub (you can swap out team members if you want).

By registering your team, you’re guaranteeing you’ll be able to play (match days are Saturday and Sunday, and teams will be rostered for an even amount of both days), and able to field a complete team for each match you’re rostered for. They’re serious about this one — if you miss a match, you’ll be liable for the match fee and the fee of the opposing team.

There’s a $10 fee for each player on each match day, but that fee includes your first drink, which is very sporting of them.

Each team will need a uniform; The Brighside don’t care too much what that uniform looks like (you can make your own, or use their printing option), as long as everyone’s wearing the same thing and looking, you know, unified.

We also trust that the rules of the National BASEketball League (NBL), as seen in Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s film, BASEketball, will apply to prevent this magical game from becoming just another cesspool of corporate greed. This means that teams cannot switch cities, no player trade-offs, and individuals are not permitted to take money through corporate sponsorship deals.

Registration is open now — what are you waiting for?