Studio Theatre’s WTN news team is back with a new morning TV news show G’Day Today , exposing the hilarious behind-the-scenes world of network TV.

In 2014, the Studio Theatre played to packed houses with the riotous comedy Musical No News Is Good News and now the news team have reunited to pen the World Premiere sequel G’Day Today.

With more laughs and fantastic new songs, the story takes over from where No News Is Good News left off.

Audiences are “on set” with the stars as they suffer on air bloopers, love triangles, politically incorrect situations and fast and furious irreverent humour.

Lead anchor in the show, Greg Hinks says G’Day Today is a behind the scenes take on TV morning news shows.

“It shows all the dramas that happen between all the different cast members of the crew and the antics on screen,” he says.

“I think we all watch those sorts of shows like Sunrise and the Today show and this is kind of taking the mickie out of that and just having a bit of fun with them.”

Greg plays a character called Glen McDonald who he says isn’t the nicest person to be around.

“He’s egotistical and he’s basically an asshole,” he laughs.

“We’ve all worked with someone like that, where you don’t necessarily like them but the workplace would be a different place without them.”

“He’s actually quite fun to play.”

Starring alongside Greg is Ken Cunz (Man of La Mancha, Fiddler On The Roof) and Colleen Crisp (Mother & Son, Steel Magnolias), Greg says the cast all get along well.

“We’ve become really good friends out of this and you can see that chemistry on stage,” he says.

“The new guys that have come on the show are second to none, they’re a great bunch of actors and they deserve to get the support from Brisbane.

“It’s a really fun show to play and hopefully that will come across to the audience.”

Greg says G’Day Today has something for everyone.

“If you want to have a bit of a laugh and enjoy some inappropriate humour come along, it’s definitely not politically correct,” he laughs.

“Have a bit of a drink, have a fun night out and enjoy some local theatre with some local actors. That’s the good thing about it, is that its local actors getting up there and showcasing what they can do.”

Greg says the show will feature musical numbers, full songs and even Elvis songs.

“We also have a lot of audio visual stuff, as we do interviews with people who aren’t actually there,” he says.

And “I may attempt to sing in this show, hopefully that doesn’t cause the audience to walk out.”

G’Day Today will be playing at the Studio Theatre and Café in Morningside on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights until Saturday 19 December.

For bookings call 3399 3333 or for more information visit