The Queensland Symphony Orchestra (QSO) is about to take Brisbane on the adventure of a lifetime.

On Saturday 6 February, 2016, QSO will stage an orchestral film event that travels from Nepal to Cairo, promising death-defying acts of heroism, fantastical mythology, and just the right amount of romance.

To mark the 35th anniversary of the first Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, QSO will perform legendary composer John Williams’ epic score live with a screening of the film at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The event follows successful Lord of the Rings and Star Trek concerts. Having tried their hand at the music of Howard Shore and Michael Giacchino, the next logical step for the Orchestra was to take on a score by the man with the second highest number of Academy Award nominations in history, John Williams, who has composed the music for all but two of Steven Spielberg’s films.

It’s hard to believe that anyone wouldn’t be familiar with the story of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but just in case, here goes: The year is 1936, and the audacious Professor of Archaeology and “obtainer of rare antiquities”, Indiana Jones, portrayed by Harrison Ford, is tasked by U.S. Army Intelligence to recover the legendary Ark of the Covenant before it falls into the hands of the Nazis.

Indy’s quest takes him to Nepal and Egypt, reuniting him with an old friend, an old foe, and an ex-flame who falls somewhere in between. Armed with his hat, whip and wits, the intrepid hero must face formidable enemies and impossible odds, in order to save the day, and the world. And the score is monumental.

Be there at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on Saturday 6 February as Indiana Jones makes a spectacular return to the big screen and John Williams’ score is performed live to picture by QSO! Tickets are on sale now via