A retrospective exhibition showcasing the works from the Estate of Dr Seuss will be showing at Mitchell Fine Art in Fortitude Valley this month.

Running from Wednesday 25 November until Thursday 24 December, the exhibition will showcase a collection of 70 years of Seuss’ art history, including limited editions of his Illustration Art, Unorthodox Taxidermy, Bronze Sculptures and the Secret Art Series.

‘Dr Seuss’ is the pseudonym name created by editorial cartoonist Theodor Seuss Geisel.

Everyone is familiar with the Dr Seuss books and illustrations, however Seuss was foremost a visual artist who painted and sculpted for his own enjoyment. He termed this work his ‘Secret Art’.

Seuss always dreamed of sharing his ‘Secret Art’ with his fans and entrusted his wife to carry out his wishes once he died. In 1995, this dream was realized when The Art of Dr. Seuss project was launched.

In addition to the exhibition there will be a selection of rare Museum Panels on display. The panels contain memorabilia showcasing the artistic legacy of Theodore Geisel and are on loan from the Seuss Estate for a limited time.

The public will also have the opportunity to buy fine art prints and sculpture reproduced from Geisel’s original drawings and paintings.

The exhibition will be held from Wednesday 25 November until Thursday 24 December at Mitchell Fine Art at 86 Arthur Street in Fortitude Valley.

The gallery is open 6 days a week from Monday to Friday 10am to 5.30pm and Saturday 10am until 5pm.