Men of Letters is returning to Brisbane this weekend for a fourth year of missive readings.

Held on Sunday 8 November at The Zoo, Men of Letters will celebrate the lost art of letter-writing in a day filled with letter readings from some of the most talented males in the country.

The event is brought together by The Women of Letters team, who hold female focussed readings across the country.

Creator Michaela McGuire says letter writing is an interesting art form.

“There is such a rich history of letter writing, I think it would be a shame to abandoned it all together,” she says.

“I think no matter how digitalised we become people will still be nostalgic and romantic about putting pen to paper. There’s something private and intimate about sitting down and writing ‘dear somebody’, because it’s only for them.”

“You certainly don’t get that same care and thought over email.”

Michaela says through these events, she’s trying to ensure that the art of letter writing doesn’t die.

“I think there is a generation of people that have grown up not being as well versed in the concept of sitting down and putting pen to paper,” she says.

“That’s just inevitable because of the way that technology has advanced, but I do think letter writing is something that can’t be replicated.”

This year, the participants will each be penning and reading a letter to ‘The Woman Who Changed My Life’.

Michaela says she expects a range of different responses to the topic across the day.

“Everyone interprets things differently,” she says.

“We’ve had a range of responses in previous years, including letters to mothers, wives and girlfriends. We’ve even had ones to the Spirit of Tasmanian, Mary Magdalene and Mother Earth.”

The participants come from all walks of life, some are poets, chefs, writers, singers, barristers and comedians.

Some of the strapping lads on the list, include Federal Labor Member for Grayndler and Shadow Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Anthony Albanese, Barrister Andrew Boe, acclaimed author and bookseller Christopher Currie, award winning feature journalist Trent Dalton, Australian comedian Damien Power and executive chef and owner of Esquire Ryan Squires.

Men of Letters will be held at The Zoo on Sunday 8 November from 3pm. For tickets visit