Enjoy the magic, chaos and hilarity of Queensland Theatre Company’s new production The Odd Couple on at QPAC until Sunday 8 November.

A classic comedy inspired by the 1968 film starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau, The Odd Couple pairs the odd couple from 2013’s Design For Living, Jason Klarwein and Tama Matheson together as the housemates from hell. And that’s certainly sums the two up.

Suddenly single and homeless (after his wife throws him out on the street), journalist Felix is depressed and lonely so he reluctantly accepts the hospitality of his buddy Oscar, a sportswriter and Grade A slob.

Oscar’s sprawling apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side would once have been palatial but after his own recent divorce, he lives in the midst of an ever-growing midden of domestic detritus.

He’s a big spender, a problem gambler, a hedonist, a boozer and a rake, he’s everything the neurotically neat and fastidious Felix is not. They’re the best of pals, but living together is proving a bit of a stretch and the chaos is all too much for Felix.

You can’t miss this hilarious and chaotic comedy directed by Wesley Enoch and written by Pulitzer Prize and multiple Tony Award-winning American playwright and screenwriter Neil Simon.

Why not be an odd couple and bring your own odd friend along for the show? Or just a normal one.

In fact right now, when you purchase a Premium Adult ticket to a weeknight or matinee performance of The Odd Couple you’ll receive 50 per cent off a second ticket. Offer ends midnight, Saturday 7 November.

The Odd Couple is on at QPAC now until Sunday 8 November.

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