Are you slamming your fists on the steering wheel each morning because you’re stuck in traffic? Maybe you’re in desperate need of some vitamin D, but walking or even running won’t cut it when you’re in a rush?

Electric bikes, otherwise known as e-bikes, are a fantastic solution for the modern mover. Keep on reading to learn a little more about this miraculous mode of transportation.

What’s different about an e-bike?

Have you ever seen someone zoom up a hill with great speed, but their legs were hardly moving? Don’t be fooled! They weren’t practicing wizardry; they were simply riding an e-bike. While it still has pedals, two wheels, handlebars and a seat, an e-bike packs a lot more punch than a regular bicycle.

Powered by an electric motor to ease the burden of pedalling, e-bikes have become a popular and effective way to get around town. Riders can choose how much pedalling they want to do, if any, by switching up the e-bike’s level of assistant power and throttle control.

Charging this nifty people-mover is no problem, either. Simply take to pedalling to add juice to the electric motor, or plug it into the wall at home before you head out on you next trip. No more late-night petrol stops!

There are numerous e-bikes available on the market since their boost in popularity back in the 1970s. To see one up-close and to learn more about its functionality, have a chat with specialist retailers like the team at 99 Bikes.

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Who can ride?

Both the young and old can enjoy using an e-bike. This is especially true for those who are keen to get moving outdoors, but are struggling with knee pain or the reduced ability to travel long distances.

Take a look at the infographic for some fantastic examples of who can get the most out of an e-bike.


Added perks

One of the biggest perks of owning an e-bike is the amount of money you can save by avoiding public transport costs. While typically more expensive than regular bikes, e-bikes quickly become an investment. As well as cutting out bus and train fares, owning an e-bike can save you money on parking fees, registration and insurance costs, petrol and other car-related expenses.

Time has a habit of speeding by, so catch up to it with an e-bike! Instead of leaving home early in the car to make your meeting on time (only to be late anyway due to a traffic accident), jump on an e-bike to zoom past gridlocks.

Yet another bonus of owning an e-bike is its positive impact on the environment. These bikes use a lot less power in transportation than cars and buses. This means you’ll be creating fewer emissions as you’re zipping around town.

There are many ways an e-bike can help you move further. What’s your top reason for joining the race?

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