Experience a kooky Christmas with the Kransky Sisters in their new musical show A Very Kransky Christmas on at QPAC in December.

In the quiet town of Esk lives a huddle of strange sisters, whom, in between tending ants, knitting egg warmers, and hanging out cane toad skins to dry, travel around the country performing their popular musical shows to a growing following.

This oddball musical trio marry curious real life stories with a host of uniquely homemade arrangements of popular songs gleaned from their old wireless in a highly entertaining event.

Until now, the Kransky sister’s Christmas festivities have been shrouded in secrecy. But for the first time ever, the sisters are letting you into their world of egg nog, panty-hose and painted chokoes.

From Enya to Silent Night, Daft Punk to The Twelve Days Of Christmas, these dysfunctional sisters literally take family get-togethers to a whole new level.

On from Wednesday 16 to Saturday 19 December, A Very Kransky Christmas will feature crowd favourites and new Christmas numbers from the highly acclaimed group, performed on their unusual array of instruments from cheese grater to toilet brush, and from tuba to musical saw.

The combination of the Sisters’ sheltered view of the world seen through their superbly droll comic dialogue, and alluring musical sound will make this night out with your strange old aunts an unforgettable experience.

A Very Kransky Christmas will be held at QPAC’s Cremorne Theatre from Wednesday 16 to Saturday 19 December.

To book click here or call 136 246.