Eddie Perfect is bringing magic, mayhem and a touch of laughter to the Brisbane stage in Harvest Rain’s production of Into the Woods.

Eddie Perfect always brings a little magic to the stage, but this will be the first time his charisma has conjured up an enchanted beanstalk, an angry giant and a mythical pair of glass slippers.

The actor, singer and writer is set to star in harvest Rain’s production of Into the Woods, a dark and enchanting offering that sees a number of well-known fairy tale characters brought together and thrown into chaos. Naturally, they belt out some of Broadway’s greatest songs along the way.

Perfect will take on the role of The Baker, the character responsible for moving the musical’s plot along.

“I’ve never done a (Stephen) Sondheim show before and being a lyricist myself I’m a huge fan of his work,” he says. “I have dual motives for doing Into the Woods. One of them is the opportunity to play a very complicated character in The Baker and to have that experience as an actor. But at the same time I get to fill up the well and get my own little lesson in Sondheim’s work and see how other actors interpret his work. That is very exciting.

“There’s just something about The Baker character. Honestly I think he can be a bit of an as***le. He’s very damaged and has a very bad relationship with his father. The sins of the father visit themselves upon his family and they have to go through all this stuff. But at the same time he does start at quite a dire place and that’s very interesting. I do love the
idea of playing this guy with a lot of anger.”

Into the Woods made a splash on the silver screen this year, starring the likes of Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, James Corden and Anna Kendrick. But despite the Hollywood treatment, Perfect thinks it is a story best told on stage.

“It’s a very intricate story. It’s got magic, giants, beanstalks, witches and heroes, so there’s a lot going on. The amount of time you spend with these characters, when it’s done on a theatrical stage, I think it reaches the audience better and it’s more satisfying.”

The star of beloved TV shows like Offspring and Play School, and the brains behind Shane Warne The Musical, Perfect says Harvest Rain’s version of the beloved musical is sure to impress.

“Harvest Rain is a company that I’ve always believed to be very ambitious,” he says. “In my experience it is companies like this that always end up doing the most exciting work.

“Brisbane is definitely one of the heartlands of musical theatre in this country.”

Into the Woods plays at QPAC Concert Hall from 1 to 4 October. To book tickets, visit qpac.com.au.