Need to unwind? Live theatre on demand could be your answer.

In an Australian first, Brisbane theatregoers can now enjoy live Theatre on Demand (TOD).

The crew at the Studio Theatre in Morningside will be waiting in the wings, ready to perform at any time of the day or night, to give theatregoers the chance to see a show whenever they want.

Venue Manager Damien Lee says consumers are dictating when they want to be entertained and it’s simply a matter of keeping up with the times.

“With the rise of Netflix, Stan, and new services, people want to be entertained when it’s convenient for them,” he says. “It’s important for live theatre to keep pace with these trends.

“There are many people working shift work, working longer hours, barely having enough time for family and we thought well how do we reach these people, how do make our product available for them when they’re ready.”

Damien concedes there are a few challenges with offering this kind of service, but says they’re committed to making it a success.

“There is no box office software on the market that can cater for this style of service, so we are limited to taking bookings by phone or email,” he says.

“We will be required to have cast and crew on continual standby.”

There is one condition, however. A minimum of 10 people must request a performance for the show to go ahead – purely for practical reasons.

To kick things off, Once In My Life will play at the 50-seat venue, with the company keen to expand their range.

“It’s a one man tribute show to Frank Sinatra [played by Damien himself], featuring a lot of old movie footage, old newsreel clips and interviews which will help re-tell his life story from birth all the way to his death,” Damien says.

“It’s not just the public image, it’s also behind the scenes, his marriages to Mia Farrow and others, his relationship with his children and also the hard times he hit during his career. It also takes us through the Rat Pack era when they were largely based in Las Vegas.”

The 90 minute show will also include 20 live songs, to relive the musical side of Sinatra.

Anyone concerned they won’t get the authentic theatre experience need not worry, as guests won’t go hungry.

“We’re fully licensed and offer snack and refreshments. Obviously we have to adopt and adhere to liquor licensing laws which only allows us to serve alcohol from 10am till midnight. So if people do want to see the show outside those hours then they wouldn’t be able to purchase alcoholic drinks but they can still purchase food and beverages, we’ll have Front of House staff there whenever they come in.”

The Live Theatre on Demand trial period will run up until the end of the year. Damien is keen to hear from other theatrical producers for original content.

“The team is really committed to seeing this through. No longer is it a case of a stuffy theatre show at 7:30 or 8 o’clock at night,” he says.

Tickets are $20. To book, phone 3399 3333. For more information, visit