Brisbane is getting ready to host Australia’s first ever Sofubi (soft vinyl toy) toy art show, Soft Vinyl Mayhem.

For one night only on Friday 11 September, Soft Vinyl Mayhem will showcase a range of handmade vinyl toys made by popular Japanese craftsmen and artists.

Held at Laced in Adelaide Street, the show will officially open in the store’s retail space at 7pm and close at 9pm, giving goers a short time to the view the toys and make purchases.

Although it is only open for a couple of hours, Glenn Manders — who is organising the event with Jason Ramke — says he expects a strong turnout for the event.

“The (sofubi) scene is huge in Japan and the USA, but like most things it’s taken a little while to reach us here in Australia,” Glenn explains.

“These toys are made by craftsman in Japan and are regarded as the world’s best grade of vinyl toy due to their process and care in making each toy by hand.”

Glenn says that rather than being manufactured in a large factory like other toys, Japanese soft vinyl toys are normally made by “Mom and Pop” shops where there may be as little as two staff who have most likely been working in the industry for 40 or 50 years.

“I believe people are attracted to these toys because the artists have absolute freedom to produce whatever they want. They are in control of the process so you get the artists pure vision,” he says.

“A lot of toys these days that you see in department stores seem to lack the creativity that you saw in the 80s and most of the artists collected toys as children back then, so you can definitely see strong influences from that time.”

Glenn says that artists and musicians such as KAWS, Banksy and Kayne West have been producing projects in the soft vinyl medium over the past few years, but the Soft Vinyl Mayhem show will only focus on the artists who have built their careers purely through soft vinyl toys.

The show is set to feature work by RealxHead, Cometdebris, Elegab, Shirahama Toy, Dehara Yukinori, Uamou, Gumtaro and heaps more.

Glenn hopes that show goers will have an excellent time at the event.

“As this is a first exhibit and a one night only event we want to make sure that nobody misses out on the chance to see these beautiful handcrafted pieces in person here in Brisbane.”

Soft Vinyl Mayhem will be held on Friday 11 September from 7pm to 9pm at Laced in Adelaide Street, Brisbane.

For more information or the artist list visit