Get ready to be taken on a captivating journey through the snow peaked mountains of the high country.

Filled with death defying stunts, aerial performances, a stirring musical score and heaps of special effects, Australian Outback Spectacular’s brand new dinner show, High Country Legends, will take you through a series of legendary Aussie stores set in the snowy peaks of the high country.

Lead performer Graham Moore has been performing with the Australian Outback Spectacular since it first opened in 2006 and says High Country Legends is a show unlike any other.

“It’s absolutely unique, there is nothing like this in the world and certainly nothing in Australia with this sort of concept,” he says. “We’ve added so much more special effects and lighting elements to this show, it’s more of a visual spectacular compared to the other shows we’ve done.”

The company has transformed not only the arena to look and feel like the high country, but Saddle up also the entrance and pub too. Graham said they even shipped out hundreds of tonnes of red sand in exchange for white sand, to emulate the snow.

“It really is different,” he says.

“You’ll still get the quintessential Australian a feel (from the show), you’ll still get your beautiful three course meal and you’ll still get the essence of what it’s like to be in outback Australia, but it’s a different part of outback Australia.

“It’s basically The Man From Snowy River type scenery.”

In the show, Graham plays the lead character of Johnno Johnson, who musters cattle for a living and is the proud owner of Warrego station.

“My character is so far removed from my real background,” he laughs.

“I didn’t grow up in the country like the other riders (in the show) did, so to get on a horse and pretend to be a station owner of a one-thousand acre property was a bit of a stretch.”

“I just had to feel the character and be that quintessential Australian bloke who has lived off the land his whole life and musters cattle for a living.”

The Australian Outback Spectacular arena is set on 55 acres at Oxenford on the Gold Coast. There are currently 70 horses living on the property in the stables and paddocks, and many of the horses are used for the shows.

“Before a show, we get the horses ready, give them a feed and brush them up all nice,” Graham says.

“The animals have to prepare as much as we do to get ready for the show.”

In a previous show, Graham’s horse Banjo decided to throw him off during the opening number. Horses, like humans, can have bad days.

“I came down and hit the ground and the audience gasped,” Graham says.

But like a true professional, Graham dusted himself off, straightened his hat and got right back on the horse.

“That was pretty much Banjo’s mood for the rest of the night,” he laughs.

High Country Legends is an interactive dinner show, giving audiences the opportunity to be a part of a team environment and to participate in show competitions as well. Graham says it’s not only a dinner and a show; it’s a real experience.

“The show gives you that absolute feeling of patriotism; people often walk out saying, ‘Jeez, I’m proud to be Australian’,” he says.

“It’s a real treat for anybody coming along.”

High Country Legends is on now at Australian Outback Spectacular on the Gold Coast. For more information visit